Historical Roots of the Station 8

What’s in a Name…?

Shops at Station 8

This building was the first train depot for Columbia Falls, and was built in the late 1800’s.It was added onto in 1908. A board dated March 14, 1908 was discovered in the attic when making renovations in 2008.

The name for my shop that opened in June 2008 derived from the dated board found in the attic and for my year of opening,

Thus The Shops at Station 8!

A Bit of History

This original train depot wasn’t suitable for President Truman’s visit to Columbia Falls, so it was moved off the tracks to make room for the new depot. The building was cut into thirds, and moved down Nucleus Avenue in the early 1950’s.

It was purchased by Norman Stringfellow and he opened his automotive shop, later selling it to
Linc France who also operated an auto repair business!


Colette Gross,  Owner of the Shops at Station 8

Colette Gross purchased the building in January of 2008, and husband Peter and team then spent 5 months renovating and refurbishing the building back to its origins of the train depot. The aluminum windows were replaced with antique paned windows, the original maple floor was sanded and brought back to life, and plank flooring was installed in the West end, which was the original Freight House.

The Renovation…

 Great care was taken to preserve the original walls, ceiling and flooring during the transformation into Station 8.

Station 8 Exterior

The section in the Eastern end of the building has all original wood and some original windows. The 100 year old maple floors were sanded and given new life after much patching and repairing.

All transoms are original.

“New” old windows were located to replicate what the original windows looked like, and were salvaged from an old building in Washington.

French doors were added to allow more natural light, and a wood deck was added, as well as wooden platforms around three sides of the building to replicate the original depot platform.

The check-out counter is placed in the space previously used by the Telegraph Operator, with the three original windows which would have been track side!

The Freight House Transformation…

The western end of the building was the original freight house and had unfinished walls and ceiling.

Station 8 Deck

The plank flooring you’re standing on was selected to replicate the original floor. The walls held many treasures discovered during the renovation, and are on display in the oak cabinet in the West end.


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